We Are Our Totem: A Native American Tale

Australia / 2022 / Documentary, Culture, Environment, Indigenous / 09:30 min

Short Documentary - Cultural - Indigenous - Environment Around the globe, First Nation cultures respect and pay tribute to the guardians and protectors of their world, connecting with the animals as their totems. We adventure into the Native American culture with Bobby Runningfox, a Medicine Man, to share the beauty of animal spirits, destruction of the planet and why we, as humans, are not the hierarchy after all. Indigenous wisdom might save us all...
Sunday 03.July 16:00
Love & Poesie

Film maker
Mivon Prince-Leyva

As an aspiring actor of 10years, reaching to showcase content that will change the world to create more positive change for a better home. Until that manifests itself, the career as a filmmaker has been on the radar for long time, focusing on being the one that creates, than waits…. My energy and enthusiasm is what I am known for, 110% effort into everything I do and create. My father is a Native American Medicine Man and I, have been in training since I was 8years old. Learning side by side from my father and many other teachers across the globe. The responsibility to my role and to myself, is to gain as a much knowledge and compassion towards as many perspectives, cultures, tribes & traditions of what they perceive is their truth and best form of medicine. My practice is simply to be a student of learning and expand upon the knowledge and experiences that I have obtained, so I can be a true teacher when the time is right. I’ve seen many healers, shamans and gurus, who my talk the ‘jab’ and not speak with full authenticity... My intention always, to ‘walk the truth’, ‘walk the talk’, to be authentic as possible. I want every fibre of my being to be an asset to create more harmony with mankind, all living things and MotherEarth. So in regards to filmmaking, my passion is to create visuals mediums that will help mankind to evolve. As an actor as well, I have seen that films have such a niche of helping people through their lives either that might be through reflecting, joy, grief, blissfulness, anger, gratitude or take action that speaks through their heart. Whatever the journey of the film might be, it’s objective if it is done right, is to create a motivation of action or reflection, which is another way of healing. This is just another tool to help the humanity to evolve towards better versions of themselves. And I, want to be apart of that change.


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