So Blau

So Blue

France / 2021 / Mockumentary / 00:02:26min

This fake documentary is based on fragments of the film "I Am Twenty" by Marlen Khoutsiey and on frames from documentaries about Belarus. The cross between fictional and documentary cinema, between a sound collage and a false composition, generates a hybrid work that evokes the audience's strange, confusing, and questioning feelings.
Saturday 23.10. 16:00
In your eyes

Film maker
Lina Filipovich

Lina Filipovich is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France. She works mainly with images (still and moving), music and performance. In her videos and sound compositions, Lina Filipovich uses techniques of diversion and reappropriation which lead the viewer towards sometimes contradictory interpretations and summon a critical eye.


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