Inventar der Zeit

Inventory of Time

Brazil, United States / 2018 / Documentary / 00:01:00min

In a New York City subway journey, a sequence plan examines a social aspect, searching for a reflection about our new era of profound human and technological changes – and its challenges.
Saturday 23.10. 16:00
In your eyes

Film maker
Khalil Charif

Khalil Charif is an artist, born in Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards, he attended the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, in his hometown, and obtained a post-graduate degree in Art History at PUC-Rio. He was one of the recipients of the awards: “Prêmio Interações Florestais 2011” (Brazil), “ExperimentoBIO 2013” (Spain), Special Prize "Art Nova 100" in the "Arte Laguna Prize 2017" (Italy).