Quarantine Land

Turkey / 2021 / Comedy / 00:02:10min

The days in “Quarantine Land” are relatively quiet for the residents: eating, sitting and sitting a little longer. On the agenda of the news these days, there is a deadly virus. According to the news, overweight individuals are in the risk group of the virus disease. Neighbors want to switch lonely and inactive days into beneficial ones.
Friday 22.10. 15:00
Block 1 & 2

Film maker
Alara Drahsan

Alara Drahşan was born in Istanbul, Turkey. From 2014 to 2018, she studied at the Film and Television Department of Istanbul Bilgi University. She attended workshops at BTK Art & Design, Berlin, on filmmaking. She is currently working on many PToT Films projects as a freelance assistant director in commercials and films. She has her own work in documentation, animation, short films, and photography.


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