Der Fokus

The Focus

Turkey / 2018 / Experimental / 00:04:15min

Technology leads our moods, our goals, our dreams and our ideas, and we lift our original personality and turn us into a single kind of digital slavery, trivializing our ties, our needs and our communication. This film is a production in which the destruction created by the technology surrounding us is tried to be transferred using metaphor.
Saturday 23.10. 14:00
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Film maker
Muhammet Emin Altunkaynak

I was born in Akhisar, Manisa in 1981 . Since 2011 I work as a trainer in a government agency. I have been having cinema training in Eyup Sultan Film Academy organized by Eyup Sultan Municapality, TRT and Istanbul Media Academy. Since the last months of 2014, I have started to be interested in short films and work on this field.


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