LoveBirds Inc.

LoveBirds Inc.

Germany / 2021 / Comedy / 00:06:07min

Moritz is a dreamer. He lives in his very own world, loves to read and draw comics and he is undeniably in love with Lilly, the librarian. Unfotunately he’s not confident enough to make a first move and talk to her. Luckily he get’s some professional help from Roger, a worker from LoveBirds Inc. But nobody knows if that is going to work, love just isn’t something you can plan.
Friday 22.10. 17:00
Barrier Free 1 & 2

Film maker
Isabelle Kramer, Anke Burkhardt

Isabelle Kramer, born in Horb am Neckar in 1998 and Anke Burkhardt, born in Heubach in 2000, began their audiovisual media studies at the Stuttgart Media University in March 2019. They both focused on visual effects because their passion is to bring actual film material and computer-generated images together to make the impossible possible.


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