Die Flasche

The Bottle

Germany, Namibia / 2020 / Experimental / 00:04:15min

Left behind all by herself. In the middle of the desert. As the sound of the car disappears into the distance, she starts to ponder. Did she do something wrong? The wind pushes her over the dunes and through the vast, empty Namib desert. Her thoughts circle around the past day: Actually, everything was as usual. Or was it?
Sunday 24.10. 18:00
One Earth & Ihsu Yoon - Screening

Film maker
Steffen Holzkamp

Steffen Holzkamp lives as an editor, musician, and video producer in the north of Berlin. He worked at the Deutsche Welle in the 90's, specializing as a television editor. Together with his wife, the Namibian-German artist Imke Rust, Holzkamp produces art videos inspired by land art installations and performances.