Stille Nacht

Silent Night

United Kingdom / 2020 / Comedy / 00:08:32min

Eve disturbs an intruder in her house on Christmas Eve. Has she just disemboweled the neighbourhood Santa? Fun, pulpy, and black-as-coal, this is a tense home-invasion comedy about class, cuss-words, and Christmas cheer.
Friday 22.10. 17:00
Barrier Free 1 & 2

Film maker
Yaz Al-Shaater, Haz Al-Shaater

Yaz Al-Shaater is a film and theatre director from the North West, based in London. He also writes and produces, and works as a script/story consultant. His passion for telling stories has led him to make commercials, web-series, music videos, and radio shows, as well as numerous films and plays, with work appearing at festivals across the world and at London’s West End. As half of sibling-duo Brother Brother, he directs and produces commercials and music videos for clients across Europe.