Es Passt

It fits

Germany / 2020 / Children / 00:05:37min

It's very beautiful in the triangle country. Blue sea, sunny and good air. But there is not enough work. So the Dreieck family decided to emigrate to the Vierecksland. Papa quickly found work. But life is difficult. They don't fit through the square doors. And some squares claim that the triangles do not fit into the quadrangle at all.
Sunday 24.10. 14:00

Film maker
Kindergruppe FABIDO Familienzentrum Dürener Straße

The directors were a group of children together. It should be mentioned as: Kindergruppe FABIDO Familienzentrum Dürener Straße. The group representative is Rahel Ferber, who is in the photo and was sending the video greeting.


Filmmaker greetings: