Particules Fines

France / 2020 / Comedy / 00:08:13min

While he waits for his driving school instructor, Gaspard encounters Camille. They are eighteen years old. Gaspard is ironic and a braggart. Camille is altruistic and committed to causes. They don't hit it off. Ten years later, they share the same car. Camille is in the driver's seat.
Saturday 23.10. 20:00
Let's be Honest

Film maker
Grégory Robin

Grégory Robin, first a musician, then a photographer, turned to director in 2003. Grégory developed and demonstrated visual sensitivity very early on. Although his filmography consists mainly of creative documentaries, his interest in manipulating genres leads him to explore their transversality and give reality a style that is sometimes close to fiction.