Spirit of the Great Heart

United Kingdom / 2022 / Nature Animation / 04:30 min

"Spirit of The Great Heart" follows the captivating story of Jambo, a young elephant raised in the breathtaking Savannah by his loving parents. Their teachings imbue him with the wisdom of the wild. However, tragedy strikes when ruthless poachers cruelly take Jambo's parents and force him into captivity. In a foreign land, Jambo endures mistreatment and becomes a performer for human entertainment. But the spirit of freedom and the bonds of family never fade. When an elephant is taken from their herd, the memories of their lost home ignite a fire within. This heartwarming tale emphasizes the power of compassion, resilience, and the enduring importance of freedom and family. Prepare for an emotional journey that will leave you inspired and deeply moved.
Tuesday, 22.08. 19:00
Block 3

Film maker
Nathan Erasmus

Nathan is a Welsh/South African film maker working out of UK, Ireland and Brazil. Director of Family Tree and Winner Best Short at 8 film festivals including the BAFTA qualifying Indie Cork. Producer of Charlie and Yip, Winner of 15 awards including the audience voted Best Short at The British Animation Film Festival. Producer of the multi-award winning One eskimO, Winner of The Public Choice Award at the British Animation Awards, selected at Annecy, Stuttgart, Anima Mundi and winner of the D-MEDIA Chrysalis Award @BAFTA.