The Secret Life of Bees

Australia / 2021 / Nature Documentary / 05:00 min

"The Secret Life of Bees" takes you on a captivating journey inside a beehive, showcasing the remarkable world of honeybees. Filmed entirely on iPhone, it offers an intimate and unobtrusive view of the hive, unveiling the intricate workings of this super-organism. Witness the life of a worker bee, from birth to various roles within the hive, and their crucial task of foraging for nectar and pollen. Prepare to see honey in a whole new light.
Saturday, 26.08. 15:00
Block 12

Film maker
Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar

Mirabai has a single-minded passion for bees. Her bee videos have featured three times in Apple’s shot on iPhone campaigns. In 2015, Mirabai created the launch film for a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign for the revolutionary beehive invention, Flow Hive. It raised over fifteen million dollars and she continues to work as a Digital Content Producer for the company. The Flow Hive content Mirabai produced has been viewed over a billion times. Mirabai has also worked as a live camera operator at the Byron Bay Blues Festival, assistant editor on the feature film, A Cambodian Winter, edited television commercials and contributed footage to Australian Story. A self-professed crazy bee lady, Mirabai, lives in a caravan tending to twenty beehives and an abundant flower garden in Byron Bay. Saving a box of queen bees in a storm and warming them under the covers has earned her the nickname Mirabee. She aims to spend her life documenting the importance of the world's twenty thousand bee species and to educate the world, through incredible imagery, on how fascinating and important bees are.