Come and See

Germany / 2022 / Animation / 03:04 min

The animation video for "Come and See" by rapper grim104 takes inspiration from a vacation memory that leads to a search for traces of the Second World War and Nazi Germany in small towns of northern Germany. The video captures the juxtaposition of present-day beach scenes, where families are joyfully enjoying the sunny weather, with the remnants of bunker ruins from the war. This contrast serves as a powerful reminder of the dark history that once overshadowed these idyllic coastal areas. Using an analog frame-by-frame animation technique in ink, the video visually explores the haunting connection between the lyrics of the song and the war movie "Come and See" released in 1985. The animation delves into the emotional depth of the lyrics and delves into the themes of war, memory, and the long-lasting impact of historical events. Through its unique visual style and lyrical references, the video invites viewers to reflect on the enduring legacy of the war, the importance of remembering history, and the need to confront the past to shape a better future. It serves as a thought-provoking tribute to the resilience of humanity and a call to "come and see" the profound lessons that history has to offer.
Saturday, 26.08. 15:00
Block 12

Film maker
Laurin Adam Schuh, Liam Tomke Tanzen

Laurin Schuh, geb. 2000 in Fürth, studiert seit Anfang 2020 an der HAW Hamburg Illustration und arbeitet auf den Gebieten Installation, Videokunst und Malerei. Liam Tanzen, geb. 2001 in Frankfurt am Main, studiert seit Anfang 2020 an der HAW Hamburg Illustration. Er arbeitet als freier Zeichner und gibt ein Heft heraus.