Australia / 2022 / Drama, / 07:30 min

When a bushfire threaten their rural home, 6-year-old Tilly offered help to her grandmother to pack her belongings into a suitcase. But through escalating tensions, Tilly needed to step up to confront the complexities of grief and choose to put her Grandmother’s needs above hers.
Tuesday, 22.08. 19:00
Block 3

Film maker
Emily Reeve

Emily is a driven filmmaker who possesses a deep passion for shining a spotlight on underrepresented perspectives, particularly those of children. Throughout her career, she has actively sought opportunities to collaborate with young actors, valuing their creative and energetic minds. While directing holds a special place in her heart, Emily aspires to pursue a career in editing after completing her university studies. During her academic journey, Emily had the privilege of participating in an exchange semester at a specialized film school in Stuttgart, Germany. This experience allowed her to expand her skill set and delve into the world of VFX compositing and simulation. She discovered a love for the creative and technical challenges that come with VFX production. Emily's eagerness to learn and refine these skills hints at her dedication to growth and her desire to continue honing her abilities in this field. Through her work, Emily strives to give a voice to marginalized perspectives and tell stories that resonate with audiences on a profound level. Her commitment to highlighting the experiences of children and her proficiency in both directing and VFX editing positions her as a versatile and innovative filmmaker. With a relentless drive to explore new avenues and push creative boundaries, Emily is poised to make a significant impact in the industry.