Visit Verona

Italy / 2020 / Travel, Documentary / 02:09 min

Follow me, and let the beauty of Verona guide you. Where magical glimpses, echoes of the past, hidden treasures, and traditional scents await you three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Visit Verona and it will spectacle to be experienced, a land to discover.
Monday, 21.08. 19:00
Official Opening

Film maker
Matteo Archondis

Born in 1996 in Lebanon and having spent most of my life in Italy, I have developed a deep passion for travel and video creation. Filmmaking, to me, is an amalgamation of art forms intertwined into a single entity: visuals, sounds, graphics, and every technical aspect that enables creative expression. My primary focus lies in sharing stories from around the globe, employing techniques such as timelapse, storytelling, and any medium that effectively conveys a narrative. In addition to working on branded commercial ads, music videos, and documentaries, I actively maintain a YouTube channel where I showcase my personal projects. One of my notable endeavors is the viral sensation "Google Maps Hyperlapse," a captivating video journey that takes viewers across the world using one of the most widely used online mapping tools. Through my work, I strive to engage and inspire audiences by crafting compelling narratives and capturing the essence of diverse cultures and landscapes. I am driven by the desire to share stories in the most impactful and visually captivating manner possible.


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