A Goat's Spell

Germany / 2022 / Animation / 09:00 min

In the world of a child, each day holds a sense of adventure. From conquering challenges before breakfast to the curious presence of a clueless goat near the house, and the hopeful sight of airplanes soaring high above, there is an air of promise. However, as the day progresses, things and events start to unravel. The goat appears to be intertwined with the unfolding chaos, raising questions about possible connections between seemingly unrelated elements. Uncertainty looms, leaving the child to ponder if any meaningful links exist at all.
Tuesday, 22.08. 20:00
Block 4

Film maker
Gerhard Funk

Gerhard Funk was born in 1981 in South Ural, Russia, and has been residing in Germany since 1995. Having graduated from Media Arts & Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar (Saarbrücken, Germany) in 2011, he took various jobs in the creative industry such as 3D Animator, Motion Graphics Artist, and Freelance Visual Artist. In 2020 he became an Artistic Associate at Burg Giebichenstein Fine Art Academy (Halle, Germany). Since 2008 Gerhard Funk continues to work on independent animated short films.