Germany / 2023 / Drama / 03:45 min

An elderly man and a young boy find themselves inside an aquarium store. The child brims with excitement as he recognizes familiar underwater worlds in the various tanks, while the man appears somewhat bewildered, standing adrift in one of the aisles. Eventually, he selects a fish, and they proceed to the counter for payment. Surprisingly, instead of keeping the fish for himself, the child hands the bag containing the fish to the man. The man's face lights up with joy, and in that moment, he takes on a childlike resemblance to the boy.
Saturday, 26.08. 19:00
Block 13

Film maker
Liselotte Krieger

Liselotte Krieger. Actress: Babylon Berlin. Liselotte Krieger is known for Babylon Berlin (2017), Morden im Norden (2012) and Intimate (2023).