A View of Kadıköy

Turkey / 2023 / Experimental / 06:49 min

An experimental documentary of the impressions sprouting from the encounters in Kadıköy, Istanbul.
Saturday, 26.08. 20:00
Directors' Night

Film maker
Çağla Irmak Badem

Çağla Irmak Badem is an artist and designer based in Istanbul. Majored in Communication Design at Ozyegin University Faculty of Architecture and Design. She has experience working in several art and design environments which mostly focused on the subjects that are sustainability, ethics and gender equality. She is a passionate and curious mind; improved herself in animation, video art, illustration, generative art and graphic design. Çağla is passionate about creating mixed-media animations on environmental, social and psychological issues. She believes that communicating in any form and with any medium is the key to love and understanding. Therefore, she wants to embrace animation in order to increase empathy between people, nature and the universe.