Lux Tenebrae

Spain / 2021 / Surreal / 05:04 min

Life needs Death... Death needs Life. A visual poem about Life and Death.
Saturday 02.July 22:00
Directors Block 3

Film maker
Andres Toro

Andres Toro was born on February 6, 1986, in Cali, Colombia. After studying and working in Graphic Design, Andres saved up enough money to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. In 2014, he boarded a plane for Vancouver, Canada, to complete a year of study at a film school in Vancouver. During his education he developed the skills required to become a more complete director and filmmaker. Now he continues creating in Europe, Madrid, Spain to be exact. "Filmmaking, as an art form, exhausts your body, drains your mind, and in the process it feeds your soul... so worth it... the end result being a beautiful light that will forever be there to fight the darkness... so fucking worth it"