Lock Town

Germany / 2021 / Animation / 03:30 min

Corona-time, a man alone in his apartment. Feeling claustrophobic he changes his identity from Sartre to Joyce to a growing and then melting iceberg and back. He shakes the window, the house moves …
Saturday 02.July 20:00
Directors Block 2

Film maker
Klaus Hoefs

Born 1961 in Dissen a. T. W. ; lives in Flensburg, Germany Studied at UDK Berlin Lives in Flensburg, Germany Filmography 2006 The Gallows #16 (English) 2008 The Grimms Were Deaf (English) 2011 Life Of Mussels (English) 2016 Red Fat Cat (English) 2018 Four Songs From A Dark Coast (English) 2019 Chocolate South West / Schokolade Deutsch-Süd West (Deutsch/English) 2020 Everybody Always Does The Same (English) 2020 Devil Preferred Espresso (Deutsch/English) 2021 Lock Town AWARDS 2020 Special Mention Award Melkbos Int. Festival (South Africa) for Film Chocolate South West 2020 Exceptional Merit Award: LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival Nassau (USA) Film Devil Preferred Espresso Lock Town (Festival List): 2021: Animatou, Genf (CH) 2022: Monstra, Monstrinho, Lissabon (Portugal) 2022: International Short Film Festival Detmold