Away from Misery

Belgium / 2022 / Animation / 04:40 min

A young couple escapes to a tropical paradise to get away from the monotony of everyday life. Will they be able to find the happiness that they seek so badly?
Saturday 02.July 20:00
Directors Block 2

Film maker
Kristina Ghanicheva

I was born in St. Petersburg in 1976 and moved to Belgium in 1998, where I studied interior architecture and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Over the years working as a creative teenagers event manager, stylist for big European brands and finally as the owner of my web design studio, I’ve developed a feeling of love for visual aesthetics and people. This love led me to my greatest passion – cinematography. Now, back at the academy, I am studying film and video art under the guidance of true masters of their craft.


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