Developing a Language

Norway / 2021 / Experimental / 09:55 min

Utvikling Av Et Språk (Developing a Language) is a filmographic study, following a musician in his daily practice. Searching for the right tone, finding it, trying to hold on to it, then doing it all over and over and over again. Utvikling Av Et Språk (Developing a Language) is the pilot for a feature film and depicts a cinematic ‘practice’ in itself, portraying the directors development of a visual language towards the future film Å Øve (To Practice).
Saturday 02.July 16:00
Music videos

Film maker
Laurens Pérol

Laurens Pérol (b.1995, Stuttgart, DE) graduated with a BA in Moving Images from Nordland College of Art and Film (NO) in 2020. Since that he worked as independent director and producer, as well as for the production-company Mer Film. His shorts What if You Danced (2020) and Developing a Language (2021) were screened internationally, receiving an Honorable mention at Minimalen 2021. Laurens currently edits his debut in longer format To Practise, and considers working with film as an orchestration of painting, music, photography, soundscape, architecture and more.


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