Dear Brother

Taiwan / 2021 / Drama / 02:36 min

The little brother received a letter from his sister. The pages were filled with his sister's confessions to the little brother, such as the pain, anger, regret, and love buried deep in her heart.
Saturday 02.July 13:00
Taiwan Animation Contest for Vocational Education
Taiwan Animation Contest for Vocational Education is a project sponsored by Ministry of Education Taiwan and held by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Yuntech) since 2005. It is an important platform to promote Taiwanese students' animations to the world festivals. Every year, about 40 excellent films are selected from hundreds of animations made by different college students in Taiwan through this contest.

Film maker
Fang, Wei̇-Chi̇

Since childhood as the only daughter in the family, I had developed a brutal personality, but my parents just took it as a child's naughty. My excessive behaviors seemed to be no problem until the birth of my brother. My parents' love was divided, and as a young child I blamed everything on my brother. Bullying him had become a daily routine, and I was not at all like the eldest child in my family. When I grew up, I realized that the damage I had caused seemed irreparable. This animation is about the sister's apology as well as her change and struggle from disgust to guilt towards her brother.