Taiwan / 2021 / Drama / 04:57 min

Why do we tolerate when encountering something unfair? Why can't we use violence in justice consolidation? Why don't we fight for it instead of praying for it? However, we have never noticed that tolerance is a lesson in our life. Sending the most sincere blessings in the amulet, hope you will grow up safely.
Saturday 02.July 13:00
Taiwan Animation Contest for Vocational Education
Taiwan Animation Contest for Vocational Education is a project sponsored by Ministry of Education Taiwan and held by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Yuntech) since 2005. It is an important platform to promote Taiwanese students' animations to the world festivals. Every year, about 40 excellent films are selected from hundreds of animations made by different college students in Taiwan through this contest.

Film maker
Chen, Wen-Ching

Chen, Wen-Ching, studies in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. I have experiences in animation for three years, and work as a intern at Funique VR Studio and Knock Knock Animation. Wish my projects can bring the warmth to everyone's heart.