Taiwan / 2021 / Drama / 04:50 min

The character is a funeral director. One day, here comes a body who is her mother out of touch. Looking at the butterfly tattoo, it recalls her memories. The character accidentally found her mother was engaged in the sex industry. It made the character cannot agree with her job so that she tried to run away from her mother. The character found there is one tattoo on her mother's wrist that she never seen before. But this is the picture which she draw for her mother when she was little. These remind the character that she loves her mother so much , and so does her mother. Finally, the character decides to face her mother and makes her become the beautiful one as her memorized. This film describe a mother and a daughter who cannot understand each other, but they found their own way to express their love.
Saturday 02.July 13:00
Taiwan Animation Contest for Vocational Education
Taiwan Animation Contest for Vocational Education is a project sponsored by Ministry of Education Taiwan and held by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Yuntech) since 2005. It is an important platform to promote Taiwanese students' animations to the world festivals. Every year, about 40 excellent films are selected from hundreds of animations made by different college students in Taiwan through this contest.

Film maker
Wu, Tong & Chen, Yu-ti̇ng & Hsi̇eh, Yuan-chi̇

Currently studying in Digital Media Design Department of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. I like to express the emotion between people and their stories by dynamic pictures, especially interested in the mental issue about relationship and self-seeking. In the future, wish I could make fascinated animations.