Crush on

Taiwan / 2021 / Drama / 04:45 min

The deserted street in this city. A stalled train crashed into an abandoned apartment. A lot of girls rush out of the train and shamelessly destroy the rooms in this apartment. They interrupt the boys' serenity and look like a deer in the headlights. The different rooms symbolize different thoughts and construct the building looks like a boy. Come back down to earth, the boy is obsessed with the girl. (The moment while I saw you just like a train rushed into my brain.)
Saturday 02.July 13:00
Taiwan Animation Contest for Vocational Education
Taiwan Animation Contest for Vocational Education is a project sponsored by Ministry of Education Taiwan and held by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Yuntech) since 2005. It is an important platform to promote Taiwanese students' animations to the world festivals. Every year, about 40 excellent films are selected from hundreds of animations made by different college students in Taiwan through this contest.

Film maker
Chu, Shu-yu

Recently studied in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. I want to study abroad and work in a international visual effect company.