Divine Intervention

United States / 2021 / Comedy / 06:24 min

MAYA (20, Indian American) is totally 100% ready to have sex with her boyfriend JASON (20) for the first time... right? Or not. When the much anticipated (and meticulously planned) day rolls around, Maya panics at the last second, and bolts to the bathroom, where a veritable pantheon of gods gathers to counsel her. Will they be able to put their own petty differences aside and give her the wisdom and advice she needs? Will Maya ever be able to gather the courage to leave the bathroom?
Friday 01.July 20:00
Inclusion, Diversity, Sustainability

Film maker
Mia Miller

Originally from Mumbai, India, Disha Manocha completed her MFA in TV Writing & Producing from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film & Media Arts, following which she worked as a Writers’ PA on the freshman CBS medical drama GOOD SAM. She also served as a writer for the Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase 2021, an exclusive industry-only event screened in December 2021. Interested in developing content across platforms, Disha leans towards stories with warmth and heart, exploring identity, family, and community.