Germany / 2022 / Drama / 05:21 min

Alice is a young woman who has realized her dream of becoming a pantomime. Her ensemble has a show in Paris which she would not have been able to attend if the main cast hadn't dropped out at the last minute. Elsa, the founder of the ensemble, lets Alice play in the show in Paris, but just before they go on stage - since Alice has a lot to carry at the moment - she just had an abortion, quarrel with her father and boyfriend - Elsa has doubts at the decision. Alice is struggling, Monsieur Rouge, the director of the theater, is freaking out. Alice is the last one backstage and reveals her secret there. The film was originally supposed to take place in Paris, but it was shot in Berlin which is why we chose the traditional 1920s bar: the Sally Bowles Bar.
Sunday 03.July 16:00
Love & Poesie

Film maker
Johannes Franke, Lisa Riesner

Johannes Franke is a film actor. He became a self-taught cinematographer in the film industry. "Séance", his second shortfilm, recieved 14 Awards and was screened at over 40 Filmfestivals. Filmography: 2019 Wenn es dunkel wird 2011 Ewe 2019 The Time Travelers Paradox 2019 Séance Lisa Riesner is an actress living in Berlin working international. She studied at the Checkhov Institute Berlin. She discovered the power of writing stories and directing them just recently and this is her first directing and script, created with help of Johannes Franke.