Underground Youth

Egypt / 2021 / Experimental / 05:35 min

Between multiple locations in Cairo: a local wedding, metro stations and a private contemporary dance studio, the movie documents how we see our beloved city. We dived deeper into the heart of Cairo, observing brutalism, love, loneliness and joy. At the end, we are asking everyone a serious question: does life really go on?
Sunday 03.July 16:00
Love & Poesie

Film maker
Mohamed Khaled Ashmawy, Abdallah Ahmed Nasr

Mohamed Khaled Mohamed is a rising Computational Designer and Architect focuses on interdisciplinarity of art. Between Architecture, Cinema, Philosophy and Algorithms, he dives deeper into experimenting all possibilities to express himself, as Ludwig Wittgenstein said “the limits of my language are the limits of my world”. Mohamed started his side-career in cinema with “Mzung Nguyen” as assistant director, after winning the best short film award in “Cairo Moviethon”. Driven by his passion for cinema and careful observation of city details he directed his first movie “Dog Days”, widening step by step project’s scale, technicality and artistic vision. Currently he is working on a lot of projects for his new city Detmold, including an experimental documentary. Abdallah Ahmed Abdallah is a chemical engineer from Egypt with a great passion for films and art. Since his childhood movies have fascinated him and been a big influence to him on how he navigates the world. Abdallah has a great love for the experimental genre and how it’s used to convey emotions and messages about life, culture and its ability to connect with viewers on an intimate level, he likes to explore stories about people and their struggles, their love and hate and all the human feelings that we all experience through life.


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