Family Vacation Photos

United States / 2022 / Stop Motion Animation / 04:30 min

Fehlerhafte Erinnerungen an die Orte, an die wir im Urlaub fahren wollten, und an die Orte, die wir nicht besuchen wollten. Der Versuch, uns zu erinnern, wer wir waren oder wer wir sind. Eine Stop-Motion-Animation in Zusammenarbeit mit einem neuronalen Netz.
Freitag, 25.08. 19:00
Block 10

Film maker
Joel Benjamin

Joel Benjamin, a spirited animator, and filmmaker, embarked on an adventurous journey from northwest Iowa to Chicago, riding atop rampaging bison. With a knack for crafting both short and feature-length animated films, Joel's creative prowess is evident in his captivating works. Dedicating countless hours to meticulously manipulating pixels, Joel immerses himself in the art of animation, carefully orchestrating every movement. Although this passion comes at a cost, he valiantly battles the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. Joel's artistic journey took a significant turn when he founded the Emmy-Nominated Motion Graphics company, Electric Beard Studios. Through this venture, he channels his talents into producing captivating motion designs for a wide range of corporate, commercial, and independent projects. Additionally, Joel serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where he imparts his expertise in 2D and 3D animation to aspiring students. His dedication to teaching ensures that the next generation of animators receives valuable guidance and mentorship. With unwavering commitment and a touch of humor, Joel Benjamin has carved a unique path in the realm of animation. His tireless pursuit of pixel perfection and his infectious enthusiasm for the craft make him a respected figure in the industry.