Our Mission

Short Films for everyone

Every individual has a right to participate in the cultural life. People who, due to their physical limitations, are not able to go to the cinema in order to experience films with friends and family will enjoy our barrier-free films. Discussions in the Kulturfabrik Hangar 21 will offer both the audience and the filmmakers the opportunity to share their enthusiasm and to discover new perspectives on the cinematic work through critical examination. A networking with the associations and institutions working in the field of inclusion will take place and invitations will be issued to people with disabilities and a professional audience, in addition to the obligatory service.

Not only those individuals will benefit, but also the society in which they are part of will also benefit in terms of creative, artistic and intellectual capacity. The conditions are need to be arranged for disabled individuals for their right to engage in social and cultural activities like anyone else.


What will we do?

Audio description

Selected contemporary movies are presented with audio description

Easy Accessible

The workshops and other side events within the festival are arranged to be easily accessible for individuals who are visually or hearing impaired.

CC Subtitels

For those who are visually impaired, and sign language and detailed subtitles


Workshops for everyone

Looking for your help

How can you help?
Your participation enables us to achieve a high accessibility for people with disabilities for our and general events at the Hangar 21 in Detmold. The overall package includes a high-brightness and high-contrast video projector, which offers us an extensive range of display options, in particular, a "picture-in-picture" function for sign language, such as the Panasonic PT-DZ21; As well as a mobile auditorium system for the visually impaired people to achieve the widest possible immersion in the festival for people with and without disabilities.

With your help - What's the future like?
In the coming festival years, inclusion and interculturality will be the guiding theme of the ISFF. That is why the 15th ISFF has the motto: "Films for All - Everybody has the right to participate in cultural life" and offers the possibility of barrier-free film viewing and listening.

In order for this to be a complete success for all concerned, ie for people with and without disabilities, we need your help.

What do we want with these devices?
In the following years, we want to continuously provide audio-description movie blocks for the blind and visually impaired, for the hearing impaired with subtitles and sign language, thus offering the possibility of a complete inclusive immersion of people with disabilities in our festival. In addition to our barrier-free cinema (The Cube), there also will be a professional audio description via headphones, as well as font and sign language interpreters in the discussions between the films, as well as the opening and award ceremony.

Right to participate in to cultural life, for us all!

Get united, doesen't matter who or where you are!