An Opportunity

Due to the unclear situation of this year’s event, we decided to see this challenge as an opportunity for something bigger. Tackling the uncertainty, we will bring this year’s edition as an additional online event, a so-called hybrid festival, to you wherever you are!
Of course, we still stand strong by our commitment to a barrier-free festival and are planning to make the event not only in this regard more interactive than ever utilising digital solutions like never before!


May 2020
Youth Exchange with Germany, and Turkey. You’ve got something to say? Film it!
Get Your Own Picture is a unique program that allows youth from around the world come together and actualize their ideas in film!

Beats to think

The aim of the workshop is to create songs together.  With the support of professional and well-known producers, we learn the basics of modern music production. From beat to songwriting to recording we get the necessary knowledge to compose our own song. Read More