Get your own Picture
(October   Detmold, Germany)
Note: Due to the current situation, we cannot yet predict whether the workshop can actually take place as planned in October or whether it will have to be postponed.

Participant: 40

You’ve got something to say? Film it!

Get Your Own Picture is a unique program that allows youth from around the world come together and actualize their ideas in film! This project funded by the Erasmus+ programme and takes place across Europe uniting young people with the guidance of our experienced ISFF Detmold team.
Every tear GYOP takes place as part of the ISFF and brings young talents to Detmold to partake in the festival and also showcase their films to the wide audience and directors at the ISFF Detmold.


For this edition the workshops unites young people from Countries Germany, and Turkey led by four team leaders. With the different cultural contexts and different religious views, the participants will experience that there are still a lot of similarities among themselves.

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