A KarinsMedia Production

(Un)Posing is a PopUp-MultiMedia-Performance-Experiment.
Posing, derived from the English "to pose" (= posing), is a term from the advertising and fashion world,
which describes the posturing for photos, advertising shoots, events or the like. At its core, this is a
strategic or compositionally directed display.
But is there a counter-proposal for this? Can a human actually not pose?

Out of this question, the notion of (Un)Posing appeared,
which also works with the background of a media-critical discourse on my performative work.
(Un) Posing poses the question of watching & being watched.
(Un) Posing eliminates the clear separation between viewer and performer.
(Un) Posing creates a shared experiential space.
(Un) Posing questions and explores visually → New Order takes place.
(Un) Posing works with people, about people, for people.
(Un) Posing is an ontological experiment

Format: Each (Un)Posing is a one-take film that lasts 15 minutes and has a central-perspectiv-focus

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(Un)Posing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7pBs0l7jpHwVa1bW3bWE1w
KarinsMedia: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDt3NlFceAghUu7I_WQ0xMg

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