Any filmmakers & Artists are welcome...

to send us their works of any genre

Feature films, documentary films, animated films, art-house films, children's/youth's films, music video clips - all of them with a maximum length of 10 minutes.
We are accepting the shorter stuff, and what is more: We are also open to entries such as installations and performances.
We look forward to hearing from you and watch your movies!


Max. 10 min.
English subtitles
Photograph of the director
Film Still
Preview File

Film settings

Please send us a preview link. (Vimeo, etc.) In exceptional cases via ordinary Mail as DVD od USB-Stick
We reccoment H264 MP4 files with AAC Audio. We will also accept MOV or AVI files.

Deadline 01.02.2019

Please send one signed and filled out entryform + all requested materials to the following adress:


via ordinary mail

Charles-Lindbergh-Ring 10
D-32756 Detmold

via Email