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Name Duration Director Land
Comments5Jannis Alexander KieferGermany
Kugelmenschen7Sophie LinnenbaumGermany
T e s t s 811Dimitry Ryabikov, Dorji Galsanov, Anton Bilzho, Anton SokolovRussia
Afterword9Boris SeewaldGermany
Everything Is Futile5Benjamín VillaverdeSpain/Finland
Overrun8Pierre Ropars, Antonin Derory, Diane Thirault, Jeremie Cottard, MaFrance
That's the Truth6Aleksandra DyjaPoland
Prayer1Nobumichi Asai / Eiji TanigawaJapan
60 times per minute3Nacho Campillos PastranaSpain
State Of Emergency Motherfucker!6Sébastien PetrettiBelgium
Pix8Sophie LinnenbaumGermany
Verry Long Play Vinyl10Vladimir MorozovRussia
On the Way4Nossa SchäferGermany
M.A.M.O.N. Monitor Against Mexicans Over5Alejandro DamianiMexico, Uruguay
Confidence2Yulian BaryshnikovRussia
No Blood for Ol 21Wilda WahnwitzGermany
Deeply Absurd Lucidity8Sammy SayedEgypt
Lucky is the one…6María GuerraSpain
I wonder y ?3Jay jithin PrakashIndia
Ultimate disposal place11Takashi KunimotoGermany, Japan
Wink 15Monika PetrilloUSA
Elope with Me10Björn AbelsonGermany
The Guilt, probably14Michael LabarcaVenezuela
How’s your prostate ?4Jeanne Paturle - Cécile RoussetFrance
Fatalis Irrevorabilis10Alexander VergaraGermany
For the Love of Secrets9Nicolas SidiropulosGermany
Stockholm6Jean-Baptiste Aziere, Victor Chavanne, Thomas Nemery, Morgane PerrFrance