Martina Olbrich

~ *9.8.1967 in Bochum – Wattenscheid
Originally I am from the Ruhr area. Various life circumstances let me change several times. Since 2004 I live in Detmold.

I have painted and drawn as a child and adolescents very much. In the course of my time as an employee, my activities decreased more and more and I almost did not paint anymore for time reasons. Last year I took up my old hobby again. Initially more abstract to look at how what can be processed.

I like to use different materials, such as for example, pencil, watercolor,acrylic and pastel crayon.

Even the surfaces may well vary, starting with furniture and walls on cardboard, special papers and canvases. Likewise, I am not set on the motives. At the moment it is rather detailed drawings

and paintings, but also experimental motives I like very much, because I can let my imagination run wild and the picture is simply created.As far as painting and drawing are concerned, I did not attend anytechnical schools or courses.

I have developed and appropriated what I can.

“Alway keep my mind open, to hear the green grow and the dwarfs laugh”