A KarinsMedia Production (Un)Posing is a PopUp-MultiMedia-Performance-Experiment. Posing, derived from the English “to pose” (= posing), is a term from […]


Hannah M. S. Walther Since the age of 15 Hannah Walther takes photographs with her selfmade matchbox pinhole camera. She […]

Nimm Mich

Arlind Junkermann Clothes have been used for centuries as an expression of group membership, belonging to a class, caste, profession, […]


Anna Limberg By combining fantasy and realism, enchanting worlds are created. From dense undergrowth to celestial spheres, there are no […]


Martina Olbrich ~ *9.8.1967 in Bochum – Wattenscheid Originally I am from the Ruhr area. Various life circumstances let me change […]